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Before Video Marketing

“Before working with Rich from Chameleon Video I was struggling to get a personal human to human connection with my clients which was impacting my sales. I was getting some business through my website and social pages but not as much as I wanted.”

After Video Marketing

“Almost instantly after launching my video, I got 15 organic leads in a week and my paid social ads increased their conversion rates. This translated into an increase in sales and the video paid for itself in the first week. I honestly can’t believe how effective using video has been for my business.”

What we created.

Google Reviews 5/5

Transformed With Video.

Dean turned his agency around after a video increased his conversion rate. This meant he saw a healthy return on investment on his paid advertising and increased engagement with his organic social media posts.

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"Since getting a video professionally made by Rich my sales have increased by 50% my whole sales process has become easier. Rich is extremely professional and has a great way of making you feel relaxed and confident during the shoot."
Dean Holt
CEO & Founder
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